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This journal serves as a stalking device for the awesome fic writers. Yes, I fic gorge.

Currently, my brain is being feasted on by Sherlock Holmes and that Star Trek thing. I'm trying to finish the Granada Holmes and the BBC Radio Drama in between fic reading, rereading Doyle's sacred writings and doing other useless stuff. What's left of my brain will be swallowed by Merlin, House, Torchwood and Doctor Who.

I'm into manga and anime, but since my brains doesn't have any sufficient power left, it's hard to get into and fully appreciate the new fandoms. I'm faithfully watching out for updates on Naruto, Kurotshitsuji and Hetalia. Sometimes I crawl back to the DC fandom and read a ton of Batman fics.

I'm not a really good artist but I make doodles every now and then. When I'm desperate, I make manga-colored icons. You can see them at timicons@livejournal.

I have questionable taste in everything--since I tend to like mostly anything (e.g. I practically have no musical preference). I'm not very discriminating once I get over the initial bias xD.

If I added you, you know I love you. xD You don't have to grant me access to your sekkrets, but I do need your fics.

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