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Hiya, [ profile] nonsuperhuman!

At Deviantart:

1. Domesticity and Ummm...Holmes? by by Spicysteweddemon. She has the cuddliest Watson EVER. Has more SH art in her gallery. She's not using Collect, so you have to wade through her entries (has SnapexHarry, if you're interested). Worth it. Her gallery is lovely. Also, I faved all of her SH art, along with other SH-related stuff here. SAFE AND RECOMMENDED LOL FOR KIDS...YEAH.

2. Watson's Inner Monologue. by Harrietkaarre. A love story series of hilarious 3komas. 8Db Holmes seems v. uke here. :| NOT SAFE FOR KIDS.

3. Sherlock HOlmes 3 by GlaringDragon. The Speckled Band related art. SAFE FOR KIDS.

Cute Stuff/Chibiesque/Koma/Character Design/Portrait @ Deviantart:

4. Sherlock Holmes by Glaringdragon. Jeremy Brett [The Granada Holmes] in Pastel. It's a lovely floating head, ergo SAFE FOR KIDS.

5. Holmes by Czaritsa. Profile of RDJ <333.

6. Holmes and Watson by Humon. Holmes/Watson in different incarnations. SAFE FOR KIDS.

7. SH Slashy Comic or Sherlock Holmes is fond of hovering over Watson's bed <3 by Lady Mango SAFE FOR KIDS.

8. Hound of the Baskervilles comic by dannlord. Holmes and Watson don't even show up in the samples, but DAAAMN the art is soo nice (*O*). It's IMPERATIVE you check this artist's gallery. He knows how to work with light. I WANT HIS SKILLLZ

And I'm a lazybum. Here are the SH related art I have bookmarked by whim lulz @ Deviant.

This picture alone makes me want to watch it. Who's in for Holmes/Hat/Watson? Even if this turns out to be as shitty as that unfortunate League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I'm gonna enjoy it. xDDDDDD.

Why is it that when you update your Friend's List on Deviant, it doesn't give you ANY confirmation shit? Very annoying if you're stalking a lot of people. Also, why is it when you people post a squee, you DISABLE COMMENTING? :((((((((((((((((

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OH HAY :D It's that Sherlock Holmes film starred by Robert Downey. Lolololol, I hope it's good :Db And who's that dude beside him?

why is it when you people post a squee, you DISABLE COMMENTING? :((((((((((((((((

Lol, we have lots of friends in common man. XDDDD

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And who's that dude beside him?

EEEK! LOL; it's Jude Law, bbcakes! He was, at first, mostly known for his roles as a murderer/psycho, but that all changed when he was suddenly known as the man who banged his ex-wife's nanny while engaged to someone...wait...!

The Filmography on his wiki entry should be enough. ( If you have cable, you might have seen him in The Holiday, which has been replayed over and over and over and over...

you know...your icon is creepy....

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AJKSGAJ FO SRS?!? THAT'S JUDE LAW?! I-I mean...he looks so sane there!!

Yup, I've seen him in The Holiday. OMG I totally love him as an actor....and he's pretty to boot. Hehehe, and British asdjfh.

alksdjfh MUST WATCH SHERLOCK HOLMESSS ♥♥♥ Heeyyy, is this movie gonna be for the hardcore fans? Coz I'll totally be lost in the movie if it is =3=

I changed the default userpic for your convenience 8Db

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he looks so sane there

A testament to his acting skillz 8Db. From what I can tell, the movie is going to be a no brainer an entertaining blockbuster, so I don't think you'll have any trouble at all. They didn't even include Holmes' cocaine habit... *shrug*

Hahaha thanks? But srsly though...

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...that cat!snake thing was mucho creepy. Lololol, you find it amusing don't you?? Haha!

Holme's has a cocaine habit? OMG weird. Lolol, well then this movie goes straight to my movie watchlist.

Ugh. Can't wait for Transformers to hit the Philippines D:

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CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIIIIIIE~~~~ Holmes looks sexy. XDDDD ♥

Also, why is it when you people post a squee, you DISABLE COMMENTING? :((((((((((((((((
I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DISABLE COMMENTING (so that's not me in all probability.. XD)

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RDJ is sexy,yes

LoL not u; Just above the post button is a comment-option-type-shit. Why am I telling you this?

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Also, your icon has been distracting me.


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Actually, the cat-snake is also distracting I'm claiming momentary dementia while replying to you...

I got to change my default userpic...


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And, after staring at it for like, 5 minutes, it's actually very soothing. WE SHOULD RECOMMEND IT TO SPAS, rofl.

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:D :D :D ILU

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I'm on the hunt for H/Wness in LJland.